An Open Letter to Stow Users

I am very excited to announce that I will be moving San Francisco in January, 2014 to work for Expedia Mobiata. Mobiata has been a long time leader in traveling apps, including FlightTrack and FlightBoard. In 2010 they were acquired by Expedia, Inc. This added the primary focus of creating a great mobile app experience for Expedia travel bookings, while continuing to work on other travel projects, like the recent release of FlightTrack 5. Personally, I've loved FlightTrack and used it for years. I've also been very impressed with recent versions of the Expedia app.

Although I was still finding decent success working as an independent developer, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and compete against teams from venture funded startups and existing companies flocking to the iOS App Store. In addition, many of the essential travel apps rely on large travel enterprises for data or other assistance. Making such partnerships can be difficult as a one person business.

At Expedia Mobiata, I will be working with super talented coworkers who share similar goals in making a great travel experience with apps. The public and forthcoming work I've seen at Expedia Mobiata is second to none. I look forward to being a part of the next generation of travel apps while working there.

Stow and TravelingSync going forward

If you already purchased Stow, you can download it from the app from the "Purchased" section of your App Store account (under the "Updates" tab on iPhone). You can not find the app by searching for it in the regular App Store as it's been removed from sale to the public. TravelingSync will remain operational for the rest of 2014. I really apreciate the support of my wonderful customers, and I don't want to prematurely revoke access to the products they paid for. You will also still be able to contact with any questions about the app.

Apptifica, LLC is not going away

I still have some ideas for some much smaller scale apps that are not related to travel. You might see them released from time to time. However, the intention will be more as a laboratory for new concepts, rather than a full time business that pays my bills.

Why not sell it to someone else?

I don’t want to. Stow by itself is not a complete idea. If I had some of the other apps released, then I might have been interested in selling the entire collection. Planning these other apps was what made me realize that working for Expedia Mobiata, I could see dreams of a great traveling app experience taken much further than doing it all on my own.

Eric Welander
Founder and Developer
Apptifica, LLC